My research focuses on Quaternary environmental change, with a strong emphasis on sea-level change. I am currently an independent tenure-track University Academic Fellow in the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds.  I have expertise in developing records of past sea level to understand the magnitude, timing and driving mechanisms of relative sea-level changes over a range of timescales. My current research particularly focuses on sea level during interglacial periods, where I am aiming to establish high-precision reconstructions of sea-level change from temperate latitudes, which will in turn help improve predictions of future coastal response and ice-sheet mass-balance changes.  My wider research interest is the driving mechanisms of change, in particular that associated with ice sheets, climate and large earthquakes, with the aim of understanding future hazards.  I am interested in the applied, as well as blue-skies, nature of this research.

Prior to my current positions at Leeds, I was a Postdoctoral Research Associate and Temporary Lecturer at Durham University.  I also studied for my PhD and undergraduate degree in Geography (BSc, first class) at Durham.  I have received research funding from the USGS National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Programme, NERC and well as extensive travel funding from the likes of the Quaternary Research Association and INQUA.  I have a growing team of research postgraduates who I work with, specializing in sea-level change, sub-marine landscapes, sediment mobility and novel geophysical techniques.

In addition to my research I am a co-leader of PALSEA, an international working which group brings together observational scientists and ice-sheet, climate, and sea-level modelers in order to better define observational constraints on past sea-level change and improve our understanding of ice-sheet responses to rapid climate change.  I also co-founded and lead the Leeds Quaternary group in the Faculty of Environment.

Outside of work, I can be found walking, mountain biking, kayaking and camping my way round the country.